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home : sheridan living : home decorating December 05, 2016

Bathroom renovations even the pickiest in-laws will love
(BPT) - While the approach of the holidays has many people focused on gift lists and celebrations, you're thinking about the guest bathroom. More specifically, you're thinking about your mother-in-law's commentary on the dripping showerhead, your brother-in-law's judgment of the archaic toilet that... Click here to read more!

3 ways to turn discarded wood into beautiful home decor
(BPT) - The saying, "what's old is new again" has been around for years, but most recently represents a popular trend in interior design - upcycling old items with a new purpose. Everyone from high-end designers to DIYers are enjoying and incorporating this trend into their everyday life. From five... Click here to read more!

One-weekend DIY projects to get your house relative-ready for the holidays
(BPT) - When the holidays arrive, you can prepare a scrumptious feast, present ideal gifts that are perfectly wrapped and decorate the house like something off a magazine cover. However, your mother-in-law is still going to focus on the stained upholstery in the family room, the tacky and dated wal... Click here to read more!

5 budgeting tips to host a spirited, not spendy holiday party
(BPT) - If you find the guests attending your upcoming holiday party delightful, but the bills associated with hosting frightful, here are five tips to know. So on with the snow, the glow and the show!* Lose the formal invitations. As you’re looking to cut expenses associated with your holida... Click here to read more!

The many moods of modern design
(BPT) - With roots dating back to the 1920's and 1930's, modern interior design encompasses a wide variety of aesthetics and moods. From an urban industrial loft to a sleek beach house, the versatility of modern design can morph to match a variety of environments. Whether you prefer raw spaces and ... Click here to read more!

3 tips to prevent common holiday injuries
(BPT) - What does your holiday wishlist include this year? Spending time with friends and family? The latest tech or that best-selling book you've been meaning to read? Maybe it includes plans for a trip in 2017. Whatever is on your wishlist, chances are a holiday-related injury isn't one of them.N... Click here to read more!

DIY projects to increase the resale value of your home.
(BPT) - Whatever you're passionate about, you know hobbies cost money. People who haven't shaken the travel bug need to negotiate time off work, pay for lodging, airfare and more. If you're a big football fan, the amount you spend on food, snacks, game tickets and clothing adds up during the course... Click here to read more!

6 holiday-friendly home design features
(BPT) - Sponsored Ad Content by ClaytonWhether you’re shopping for a new traditional, manufactured or modular home or just attempting a renovation project, it’s important to consider the functionality of key spaces like kitchens and living rooms. These most-frequented rooms will host me... Click here to read more!

'Tis the season for creating dazzling holiday tables
(BPT) - Laughter, joy, happiness — 'tis the season for family and friends to come together around the table, celebrating all the warmth of the holidays. Really want to wow your guests at your next gathering? It’s as easy as mixing Christmas past with Christmas present.“The holiday... Click here to read more!

5 hot home trends for 2017
(BPT) - The choice to remodel a home is growing among U.S. homeowners. In fact, Americans will spend $31.2 billion in 2016 to remodel 1.8 million kitchens and 2.5 million bathrooms, according to the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA). Some experts predict this number to rise into 2017.Emerg... Click here to read more!

5 ways to design with the 1980s comeback kid: Marble
(BPT) - Marble touts a long precious history in design. For thousands of years, the beautiful stone has been used to complete some of the most famous structures in the world, such as the Taj Mahal, the Supreme Court building, the leaning tower of Pisa, the Pantheon and Michelangelo’s Statue o... Click here to read more!

4 ways to make your family's holiday portraits shine
(BPT) - Take a look at your family. How many changes have crept in since last year? And one year from now, when it’s time to send out holiday cards again, think about how much more they will have changed.Sending a family photograph as your holiday card is one way to share with your friends an... Click here to read more!

Tree trimming 101: Dazzling decorating easy as 1-2-3
(BPT) - Shiny silver and gold, the warm glow of lights, dazzling bursts of color — O Christmas tree, your magic helps fill our homes with laughter and love during this merriest of seasons. And while gathering together to trim the tree is a beloved family tradition for many of us, let's be hon... Click here to read more!

From stains to storage: Easy home cleaning solutions that open up time for fun
(BPT) - Juggling parenting duties and work obligations, not to mention household chores, is a lot for one person to take on and yet, moms like you do this every single day. So often you get caught up in all the busyness, you forget to set aside time to relax or just have some fun. Fortunately, ther... Click here to read more!

Talking turkey: It's platter season
(BPT) - What’s your idea of the perfect Thanksgiving meal? A big family buffet, or perhaps an intimate evening with a few close friends? Thanksgiving brings us together from near and far for all sorts of fun-filled traditions that are uniquely our own. And while those traditions may vary some... Click here to read more!

5 residential design trends in hardwood
(BPT) - Hardwood may be one of the oldest building materials known to man, yet architects, designers and homeowners are always finding fresh ways to use it in the modern home. What’s the appeal? Flexibility and variety, for starters.“We’re constantly delighted to see how tradition... Click here to read more!

5 secrets to building the best media room
(BPT) - There was a time when only a few could afford a large screen television. The resolution was clunky, the sound poor and the cost high. But over the past decade, technology has advanced so remarkably fast that today a 60-inch television with unbelievably crisp resolution is within many people... Click here to read more!

3 surprising home elements you can automate
(BPT) - Just a decade or two ago, home automation was still something of a novelty. Some homeowners might have had programmable thermostats in their homes, but many probably hadn’t thought of automating things like window coverings. Moreover, they likely viewed any home automation they did ha... Click here to read more!

4 DIY projects for your first home
(BPT) - “Where should I start?” It's a question many homeowners ask themselves.DIY is a great place to start for new homeowners. DIY projects are very versatile — they can easily be adapted to your skill level, budget and desired project. With a little extra time and creativity, y... Click here to read more!

Superior design, superior functionality
(BPT) - Incorporating style and sophistication is becoming a standard in today’s modern homes. As the center of activity and entertaining, the kitchen is the room to truly "wow" guests with elevated design choices that don’t compromise the space’s necessary functionality. From cou... Click here to read more!

Tips for getting senior photos that you and your teen will love
(BPT) - Here it is, the final year of high school. A year from now, nothing will be the same, so this is, no doubt, an exciting and often nostalgic time for the entire family. As this final year of high school begins, now's the time to think about senior portraits.Of course, you want your teen to b... Click here to read more!

Modern family portraits: A snapshot of today's family from the living room [Infographic]
(BPT) - - Today’s living room is not your grandparent’s living room. Let’s take a look at the changing dynamics of today’s modern family across life stages – from the millennial couple that is living life large to thetraditional family that is anything but traditional ... Click here to read more!

4 great ways to create an outdoor living space
(BPT) - Whether you plan to live in your home for years to come, or have an upcoming listing on your mind, now could be a great time to create an outdoor living space.Today more than ever, homeowners are seeking ways to maximize the footprint of their home - both inside the four walls and out. Outd... Click here to read more!

10 Home Upgrades Under $500
(BPT) - With the overwhelming popularity of home renovation shows, now more than ever, people are looking to tackle their own upgrades and invest in making their homes look and feel stylish, updated and reflective of their personalities without breaking the bank (or spending months in the process).... Click here to read more!

5 DIY projects to liven up your office
(BPT) - Whether you go into the office every day or work from home, most of us probably spend a lot more time at our desk than anywhere else. Why not take some time to make it a space that you can enjoy? With some creativity and individual flare, you can transform a utilitarian work station into a ... Click here to read more!

Making memories: Tips for preserving and creating meaningful wooden pieces
(BPT) - From your first meal as a married couple at your oak dining table, to enjoying a glass of lemonade with your grandchildren on your pine kitchen stools — your most cherished memories are made at home.“Families have so many pieces of wooden furnishings in their homes that are mean... Click here to read more!

Lights out: 4 ways to prepare for a long outage after the storm
(BPT) - As winter storm season arrives, homeowners should be ready for power outages that last for days or even weeks.In recent years, storms have become more intense and frequent, resulting in extended power outages, which is disruptive to daily life. A recent study by Lawrence Berkeley National L... Click here to read more!

Home improvement: What's old is new again
(BPT) - Fall is a popular time for home improvement as people think about impressing their guests during the holidays. It is also a time for change, which makes the current trends in home décor so unique.Simply put, what’s old is new again. Homeowners are gravitating to classic and tim... Click here to read more!

Refresh your home with 6 easy DIY paint projects
(BPT) - Few things are as satisfying as pulling off a DIY project, especially when the results are successful. Whether you’re looking to refresh something old or create something new, there’s no need to hire a professional. Updating your home both indoors and out can be effortless. All ... Click here to read more!

Secrets to marrying style, eco-sense and luxury in any bathroom
(BPT) - When you're improving a bathroom, do you assume that luxury upgrades may look good but aren't always good for the environment? Or that sensible, eco-friendly fixtures, finishes and materials will lack the aesthetic of more luxurious ones? Just a few decades ago, the assumptions might have b... Click here to read more!

6 simple ways to freshen your home inside and out
(BPT) - Looking for some easy ways to breathe new life into your home? Whether it’s the air inside or the decor itself, freshening things up can make your home look and feel more welcoming at any time of year. You don’t need a lot of time or money to reinvigorate your home; just a few s... Click here to read more!

Cozy, clean and comfortable: 5 steps for getting your home autumn-ready
(BPT) - If cooler autumn weather makes you want to get inside your home to redecorate, add new furnishings or take other steps to settle in, you’re not alone.Rainy, snowy, cold or otherwise inclement weather makes us more productive overall because we’re less motivated to spend leisure ... Click here to read more!

Smart tips for buying a first-home that will be easy and affordable to personalize
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How to use color psychology when painting your home
(BPT) - Do you ever wonder why you feel immediately relaxed when you enter a spa, yet when you enter a gym, you feel alert and energized? The answer can be found in the colors selected to decorate the space."Interior designers use color psychology to evoke an emotional response," says Sue Wadden, d... Click here to read more!

You're Free! Five Great Ideas for Repurposing Kids' Bedrooms
(BPT) - Now that your kids have launched lives of their own, you may be considering how to maximize the extra space they left behind. Making renovations can be a fun way to turn their now-empty rooms into a useful and/or relaxing space for your own enjoyment. And your timing could be spot on; a rec... Click here to read more!

Simple ways to add curb appeal and character to your home
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Modern family portraits: How tech is driving design in today's living rooms
(BPT) - The evolution of American families and their changing lifestyles is a popular topic these days. As family dynamics and lifestyles morph, they drive a change in home design. Aside from the enduring presence of a TV and seating, today’s living room looks and functions very differently f... Click here to read more!

5 ways tech can help you amp up your game-day entertaining
(BPT) - Many Americans are avid sports fans, and technology has made it easier than ever for them to enjoy their favorite sporting events in the comfort of their own home. From annual events like January’s Big Game and month-long college basketball tournaments, to international competitions t... Click here to read more!

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